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How do you keep your favourite car in the same shape, just the way it was created. How do you keep it 100% Maruti Suzuki, from the smallest nut to an all-important axle.

In your Maruti Suzuki, over 20,000 parts come together and work in perfect harmony. Each part factory-fitted and conforming to our exacting quality standards.

In due course, wear and tear and consequent replacement and repair happen. Maruti Genuine Parts ensure that your car remains like the original, down to the smallest part.

It's about checking for quality, re-checking and then checking again. Only then will our engineers clear a part for sale to you. In fact, we often conduct quality inspections at our vendor units also. All to ensure that you get parts just like the original.

Maruti Genuine Parts are easily available through our nationwide network of dealer workshops, service stations, Maruti Genuine Parts distributor & retail outlets. At reasonable prices, which further adds to the joy of owning and driving a Maruti Suzuki.

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